Spring InTo Ancient Times CD (anachronisms collection)

Spring InTo Ancient Times CD (anachronisms collection) supports the Australian Curriculum: History in a meaningful way for students. The CD comprises a collection of Digital Learning Objects designed to compliment and enhance online student learning. Each anachronism has 10 things for students to identify that are out of time and place.

What are Digital Learning Objects?

Regular learning objects are the multi-purposed, reusable objects teachers have always had in their classrooms. An example could be coloured paddle pop sticks, a stuffed owl, a dictionary or a set of fluffy dice. A digital learning object goes one step further representing an object in a digital format that can be reused to enhance a planned learning activity.

anachronsim 1: Archaeological site
anachronism 2: Ancient Egypt
anachronism 3: Ancient Greece
anachronism 4: Ancient Rome
anachronism 5: Ancient China

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