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The Invincible Roman Army

Rome was the most powerful of all the ancient civilisations. Its well-trained army gradually conquered all of Italy and then marched across Europe crushing all those who opposed the rule of Rome.

1. At the height of the empire in the early 2nd century BC, the Roman army was almost unbeatable. Legions, made up of around 5500 men, conquered foreign lands, kept the people under control and protected the empire's borders. The strength of the Roman army was a result of being well trained and led; having advanced weapons; being fit enough to march great distances quickly; and having high discipline

2. Each legion had a silver eagle with outstretched wings on a pole to carry into battle. This was their symbol of power and honour. It was the greatest disgrace if the eagle was captured by the enemy. Roman officers sometimes threw the eagle into the enemy troops if the battle was going against them to make their troops fight harder to rescue it.!

3. Slavery existed everywhere in the ancient world. They were an important part of the workforce. As Rome conquered other countries captured men, women, and even children were made into slaves. When the city of Epirus, on the western Greek coast was captured by Roman soldiers in 168BC, the entire city population of 150 000 people was sold into slavery.

4. Each year, the Senate appointed generals to lead armies against Rome's enemies. Eventually, Rome's soldiers became more loyal to their general's than to the Senate. Provincial governors and ilitary commanders on the frontier became increasingly rich, powerful and, all too often, corrupt. Finally, some generals fought each other for control of Rome. The general who finally defeated all the others was Julius Caesar.

5. Any soldier who ran from battle was considered a coward and was executed. Legions who retreated from battle were decimated. This was the way the Roman army avenged the good name and honour of every Roman soldier. This meant the legion was lined up and every tenth man was beaten to death by the other members of his legion. Decim is Latin for ten.

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